Garden Updates

I mentioned about 12 variety of plants and some 20 pots here and now there are few more additions.

First up a pink Plumeria (Firangi pani). It was quite small when I bought it. It was mine at just 30 bucks. Plumeria can cost upto 500 INR or more, depending on the size of the plant. I was sure, I didnt want to spend so much. I was looking for a small plant to nurture and watch it grow. That has been my mantra - buy when they are small and watch them grow. It is quite satisfying.

When I got the plumeria home it have just 4 leaves. I read that one shouldn't over water Plumeria because they are prone to root rot. So the first few weeks I was very careful not to overwater.
Observed that the leaves had started to droop  and the stem had become wrinkly. 
The plumeria pot was outside one day and it rained heavily. I was concerned that it would die because of excess water, but to my surprise the leaves became perky and the stem was plump and no longer wrinkly.  Thats when I realized, I was starving the plant with so less water. You learn from experience! So I kept watering the plant regularly and few months later could see more leaves. I think leaves had increased to 8! Thats right, I was obsessed with this plumeria.

About two months back, observed the leaves had started to drop. The top most part of the stem had swollen abnormally(I don't have a picture of that stage )  I wondered, what went wrong again. My neighbor joked that its going to die! Finally the stem had slit into two and a few more weeks later this happened. Yay!!

Below is a pictorial presentation :)

Now for some low maintenance plants. I am in love with Sadabahar/Nayantara/ Periwinkle. I got two very tiny plants from my inlaws. They were not more than few inches tall. 

Look how big they have grow! 

I cannot emphasize the fact, how low maintenance they are.May be they are not a very fancy looking flower but i would definitely recommend them as they bring so much colour to your garden without any effort.

Mother in Law's tongue is another such plant. Just leave them in the sun and they are happy. You don't even need to water them so often. Looks great for a modern look.

Although these marigolds are not there anymore, just wanted to share because they were gorgeous. 

Another picture , just because i wanted to share.

I am planning to create a tropical garden in my front lawn.More coming up soon....See you guys later.


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