Quick 20 mins Porch makeover!

Since we don’t have a private backyard or a dumping ground , our front porch had to take the hit. Usual culprits were bags of soil from the nursery, gardening tools , outdoor  broom etc. I ignored it for a while but when one of my dear neighbor politely commented I couldn’t be more ashamed. Ashamed and motivated to get to work right away and show some love to my front porch :) 
I was just being lazy and not using the bags of soil. So they were used to fill all  the new pots that we had purchased. So the first half of the Porch makeover was more of a gardening exercise. Then washed and cleaned the floor.

Out came the two cane chairs that were just lying around and collecting dust. Also came out those Terrecota pots that I had painted white and gold,long long time ago. Few more planter and plants and we were almost ready.
I don’t have a before picture, but I am sure everybody gets the idea. Now shall we look at some pretty ones!

Another one  from a wider angle.

A lot of work needs to be done to call this project complete. Too much of orangish hues going on. 
  • Would definitely change the chair cushions to a shade of blue.
  • Also hide/camouflage  the electricity meter box.  I need some clever ideas to make it work. May be I can hang a painting in front to hide it or cover it with a cane frame and mesh. Since there are live wires I don't want to drill to close to it. I will have to continue to brain storm a little more
  • Third would be to acid clean the floor and add an outdoor rug
  • I might also paint the cane chairs white or grey. Shabby chic style
Well it will take sometime for all this to materialized. But for now I am very happy that I have found a cozy place to sip my morning cup of tea or just sit and watch the rain !


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