What made me smile today morning !

What made me smile today is this gorgeous little flower! It was an unexpected bloom that I saw in the morning while watering our garden . Got me super happy and excited.

Let me tell you the story about how this plant made it to our garden. In the month of May to celebrate our wedding anniversary we went to The Serai, Chikamanglur. It is a beautiful resort with beautiful gardens Without creating any more drama let me just say that I stole this plant from there.  Below is the crime scene.

In my defense I didn't harm the plant or damage any landscape. Just picked one bulb. I would like to think of it  as a complimentary gift to ourself for the hefty amount that we spent for our stay :)
I don't know the name of this plant. I know it is a common plant. Is it a lily? Can someone throw some light please.


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