My Living room with a new look. DIY Sofa covers!

Melissa of The Inspired room created a community, neighborhood where people can share their home love stories and enjoy the stories of others.It is called Home love Stories. Although I posted about my living room there , I thought I should also share it in my own blog with a few more additional inputs.. You may check out my entry here.

My home is constantly evolving, with small additions every now and then. Some people have itch to buy new clothes, I have an itch to buy anything pretty for our home. Leave me at a interior store and I am just happy happy!
I have always bought things I love. Something that can be tweaked to give a brand new feel to it. I never buy something to fulfill a necessity. Our sofa that we bought in Chennai, still remains the same but it has a brand new sofa cover.  And by now you guys might have guessed, I stitched the cover. 
Wont you say, its not a bad attempt for a first timer , right??!!

Here is a photo for reminder of how the sofa looked back then in our Chennai living room.

This one is from our Bangalore apartment

From day one , I wasn't too fond of the cover but loved the clean wooden structure. I knew I would eventually change it with new upholstery. Was motivated to take the plunge when I found this light grey sofa fabric at a sale. It was 1500 INR for 3.5 meters I think. When I bought it, I knew it would only be sufficient for 6 covers. So I made 6 of them for the three seater sofa. The two single seaters still have the old covers will change it to a contracting colour later. May be Coral or apple green or may be even darker grey. I haven't decided it yet.

A cardboard always acted as a coffee table both at the chennai apartment and the bangalore apartment that we rented. When we shifted to our new home, we just had our Sofa set plus one side table as living room furniture.The coffee table,the blue Ottomans and the twisted side table were new additions.

The coffee table is from FabIndia. It was one of the first purchases when we bought this house. I bought it from a local outlet but is also available on their website online. As I bought it almost a year and a half back, think it was a thousand bucks cheaper.

Blue Ottomans from Lifestyle. Had an offer of buy one get one free. Got two for 2500 INR They are good for additional seating and I use one of them to store table linen and mats. The other to store clothes that I want to donate because of its accessibility. I need not go looking around when a volunteer from a charitable organization is over.

A pic from a different angle.

Hope you all liked it.


  1. It looks wonderful. There is no greater feeling than being able to create something material yourself. It allows us to express our creativity and have something to show for it. The covers look beautiful. I plan to do something similar with an old sofa that was given to us by a close friend but I am still looking for the time.

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta


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