A corner of our Master Bedroom

 We bought a new sideboard quite a few months back. The sideboard was initially kept near the entryway , just next to the kitchen. Thought would be a storage place for my crockery and also act as additional counter space to the kitchen. But it was not a very good idea.

We don't have a very large kitchen and the front entrance is not that large either. So with a bottom heavy and totally closed dark wood sideboard was making the space even smaller and cramped. So moved it from the ground floor and up it came to our master bedroom.

There was a study table at this corner and I showed you guys the pics here. I liked the  study table there but it made more sense for the sideboard to be placed against that wall.

I love this simple styling. This is my favorite of the different styling that I have done so far. The snake plant is going great here and I love the texture that the woven basket brings to the table. The basket is not that tall to cover the black pot inside it, but who cares. I love it the way it is!

Here is a close up. The butterfly Art is a water colour painting.

The sideboard gives me an opportunity to change the style every now and then.This is how I styled it for Diwali

A  very sweet friend of my brother's gifted me this lovely jewellery box. Isn't it  just beautiful and cheerful.

There were few more styling but I missed clicking pics. Will let you all know if I change the sideboard decor anytime soon.


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